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Special Event

West Whiteland Township is one of many municipalities which relies on David Muddiman of Starground Audio to meet their special audio needs.

West Whiteland Concert Series - The Big Band from the Valley
Exton, PA, August 29th 2004

The music of Frank Sanatra, Glen Miller, and Louis Prima fill the air for the final show of a wonderful concert series. Financed by sponsers instead of tax-payer dollars, this free concert series has relied on David Muddiman to supply great sound service when it is needed.

This afternoon in Miller Park was an especially great sounding show indeed. Every instrument of the large band was clearly audible over 200 feet away, and the vocalists were clear and very comprehendable.

This was the lauch date for Starground's latest speakers, a pair of Meyer UPA-1Ps. This marks the date in time when David Muddiman of Staground Audio can provide a system with 100% Meyer cabinets.

An informal vollyball practice has begun as the speaker stacks are built. The new Meyer UPAs are put on top of road cases placed on the Meyer 650-R2 sub-woofers.

Currently, when the speakers are put on road cases, the cases are covered by a theatrical black curtian.

Another angle also showing the plaque for Albert Miller, a firefighter who donated the land for Miller Park.

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The band was just great. They included 5 saxaphones, 4 trombones, 3 trumpets, 1 drummer, 1 bass,1 piano, and two vocalists.

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Here's a picture with the female vocalist. Saxaphone players also played clarinets and flute.

A picture of the band and the speaker at the same time. They're playing Sanatra right now. Sanatra sang through Meyer speakers for at least the last 8 years of his career.

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It was a wonderful outdoor event in the park. Everyone was very happy with the sound of the band.
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