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Virtual Tour:
Learn the many ways an event similiar to yours can be done. Not all examples are shown here but hopefully you get an idea of the methods and options.
Lowercase Blues with Johnny Neel - March 2006

A great local band with their Producer, Nashville legend and Delaware native, Johnny Neel on keyboards.

Mixed live on a custom designed and on-site aligned combination of Dave's Meyer system and the house's DJ system.

Recorded direct from the preamps to 16 track digital.

Information about the live album release, pictures, and sound clips will be posted at

Bob Marley Festival Battle for Peace - June 2005

Sponsored by the People's Festival which produces the annual Bob Marley Festival in Wilmington, this two day event had 10 local bands competing for a chance to play the big show.

LiQuid A - Jan 2005

No room is too small for great sound. A recent concert with the most recent sound system configuration. All Meyer speakers except the drum monitor.

A great setup in a small room - the system defintely fits.

Stagehand for the Innauguration - Jan 2005

Two concerts with two different types of systems, valued in the millions of dollars. Everyone was hired before the election - nothing political, just work. Great equipment and bands like Fuel and 3 Doors Down.

Big T.O.E. (the Theory Of Everything) - Dec 2004

A recent concert with the most recent sound system configuration. All Meyer speakers except the drum monitor.

The result was awesome sound for this medium-large sized club.

Professional Stagehand - March 2004

Dave is crew for the sound department of a John Mayer Concert. An exciting day with great gear.

Live Multi-Track Recording - March 2004

18 tracks recorded raw to digital while doing live sound, seperate monitors, and lights. Mixdown begins later that night.

50's Style Big Band - August 2004

Live sound for a swingin' 21 piece brass band outdoors. The launch of the new smaller and more powerful speakers.

Labor Day Rally - August 2004

This event meets many clasifications at once.

A community event.
A corporate event (organized by AFL-CIO).
A theatrical event hired by the union.
A political event featuring Governor Minner and Mayer Baker.
An outdoor rock concert by Backlash.

Live sound for a Musical in the Schwartz Theatre - Dec 2003

A beautiful room and professional actors. The first FOH mixing job throught the International Alliance.

A multi-band outdoor festival - Oct 2004

Full of people and with a diificult shape to cover. Clear sound inside the fence but much quieter outside the gate.

Nightclub Sound - 2003 to 2004

The Ground Floor hired Starground for it's biggest performances. Sound was clearly audible and powerful dispite the venue's challenging acoustics.

A rock band in a small restaurant - March 2004

Were it doesn't seem to need a great soundsystem, and fears abound that the gear won't fit or it will be too much. But the truth is the sound system functions great in the little rooms, it is compact enough to fit, and it is never too loud.

More to Come

Walk-ins, comedy, alignment, all-for-monitors and repairs yet to be described.

Starground Audio is a sound company seriously dedicated to providing the best audio quality possible, through the best experience, training and premium quality equipment.

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