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Quality Concert and Recorded Audio. Newark Delaware

David Muddiman - Audio Engineer

302-239-7278 Home
302-593-2621 Cell

Used Equipment for Sale:
Asking price shown. Email to discuss any items further.

New lowered prices - and some items not for sale at this time. If you're interested, just ask.

Latest Listings Amplifiers
Crest V450

Conference Digital Mixers
Ask about Gentner Used mixers for sale (cheap)

4) Drawmer Quad (4ch) tuned trigger for drums
2) Drawmer 201 gates a damaged knob each. Fully functional, good sound.

1) Whirlwind W2 multipin pair, $100

to Expand
JBL crossover model M-552 (2 way stereo/3 way mono)
Variably adjustable crossover points
Muting for each output with indicator LEDs for all switches
Very very low output impedance (line drive)
Balanced Inputs and Outputs to Gold XLR connectors
Mint Condition, not a scratch!

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Furman 3way (2way stereo) crossover. Variably adjustable crossover points.

|CLICK HERE| for a rear view.

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Shure. Balanced mics. Three available.
$30.00 each

to Expand
Gilco Main Speakers (1 Pair)
A 15" and 12" in a "column", drivers "Rated for Life"
With 2 Piezos each
Powerful but not for professional use
$60 Pair Possibly Available if Requested

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Graphic Equalizer
Stereo 10-band. Rack mountable and sturdy.
$50.00 Currently Not Available

|CLICK HERE| for a rear view.

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Powered Mixer
Sunn 8200 8ch mixing board w 200watt amp
$100.00 Currently Not Available

|CLICK HERE| for a top view.

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Monitor Speaker
Very affordable start-up monitor. Like getting a cabinet cheap with a free set of drivers. This speaker requires an EQ to work right. Cheap EQ available on request.
$50.00 Currently Not Available

to Expand
Empty Cabinets
(unloaded - no drivers)
Sub-woofer - Folded horn Needs Two 15" Each
Currently Not Available

to Expand
Empty Cabinets
(unloaded - no drivers)
Full range horn cabinet - Needs One 12" Each
$30.00 pair Now Just $15 Pair

to View
Two Monitors
Birch monitors built by Starground
Same crossover as above, great sounding woofers
Two Neutrik Speakon connectors
$300.00 each Not Available At This Time
Graphic EQ
DOD graphic EQ 31 band single space
$60.00 Not Available At This Time
Rack Roadcase
SKB rack case
Has one broken latch, must carry one way up
$20.00 Not Available At This Time

to View
Ramsa Console
Ramsa WR8118 18ch mixing board w/case
Sweet parametric eq with switchable shelves
$800 Not Available At This Time

to Expand
Macintosh Computer
Mac Performa 6400 200MHz CD Drive
Needs Hard Drive
Comes with screen monitor, keyboard & mouse
Stereo sound from the monitor screen and woofer from the tower
Works system 8.5 or before
Not Available This Item Has Been Recycled
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