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David Muddiman - Audio Engineer, Showcase Host
302-239-7278 Home
302-593-2621 Cell

Dave's Showcase - Every Tuesday in 2008
(Four Seasons Plaza, Rt 896 South of I-95)
Click for Directions:
Four Seasons Parkway & S. College Ave.
Newark DE 19702

Every Tueday night at Pale Dog Tavern David Muddiman hosts a Showcase. Acts choosen for the Showcase must request to perform and then be selected, or else be choosen from Dave's Open Mike.

Both the showcase and the Open Mic were discontinued late 2008. In 2009 the venue was sold.

Equipment List for Dave's Showcase
5 vocal mikes (Shure sm58)
8 Instrument mikes (Shure sm57)
1 Bass Drum Mike (Beyer M88)
4 Direct input DI boxs (Countryman)
5 Monitor mixes
Learn about Dave's Complete Meyer Sound System
April 11th 2006 -
Jeff Barbas Project
- Live Recording !
April 11th 2006 - Please wait for this to be updated,
Wallace, OTW
- Click Images to Enlargen
Wrong Bag Wallace OTW Wideshot OTW Drummer OTW Frontline OTW Singer OTW StageLeft
April 4th 2006 - The Heist, Wallace, Drunk on Sunday- Click Images to Enlargen
Wallace The Heist Drunk On Sunday w Jeff Barbas
Jumbolyia Jeff Barbas
March 26th 2006 - Headless Mantis- Click Images to Enlargen
Bass Lead keys Drums A Stealthy
March 21st 2006 - Stucco Lobster Breadbox and Kazoo and Mandolin repair Co.

Stucco Losbster Breadbox
Kazoo & Mandolin Repair Co.
March 12th 2006 - Drunk On Sunday, Jeff Barbas Project - Click Images to Enlargen
Drunk On
Jesus &
& Women
BJ on
Paul on
Phil Mangles
the Mandolin
DJ plays
and sings
March 5th 2006 - Dave's Open Mike at Pale Dog Tavern

Five Shot Limit,
The Jeff Barbas Project,
Drunk On Sunday

Dave's Open Mike

Click HERE for information and pictures about the sunday Open "Mike".

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