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Quality Concert and Recorded Audio. Newark Delaware

David Muddiman - Audio Engineer

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Audio Services Available:
Using Starground Equipment. To learn more take the virtual tour.
Live Audio Engineering:
Live Concerts

With over 2000 concerts so far, David Muddiman of Staground Audio has the experience to mix any kind of concert. Styles ranging from Rock to Jazz to HipHop to Bluegrass are no problem.

The multiple monitor mixes (typically four to twelve) are always appreciated by musicians, and the sound quality of the high-resolution loudspeakers adds an "as good as the album" quality to the performance.

Starground already has the right equipment for most venue sizes and all musical styles. Very small rooms are not a problem. Most larger venues are also not a problem. A few rare situations may require more equipment which Starground can get at daily or block rates.


Multi-band events, outdoor locations, long hours, bad weather, and multiple stages can get very complicated. Trust David Muddiman to plan and execute your event.

There are more crew, stage techinicians and mix engineers working with Starground Audio now that are ready for the challenge. Custom audio designed for your audience area shape are never a problem. Let Starground Audio take your event to the next level.


Working in the area's great sounding theatres is an exciting area of growth. In addition to music concerts in theatres, David Muddiman has mixed plays and musicals. Working rehersals, participating in pre-production, and working with actors producers and directors are important skills David Muddiman has gained in this field.

Special Events

Municipalities, community organizations, churches, schools and businesses often need the best sound possible for their events. Typically these gatherings are run by several people who may have limited and different experiences with event production.

David Muddiman has the technical experience, the musical knowledge, and the respect for every participant so that your event will be as smooth as possible.

Professional Consulting:
Acoustic Prediction

Determining how a sound system works in a particular venue.

Will the tonality be consistant? What frequencies will be louder than others? Will curtains or more speakers help or hurt? How to set delay for delay speakers? Does an array have high-frequency sidelobes? What frequency equalizer setting will correct for reaction between loudspeakers?

Effective acoustical prediction is required to answer each of these questions.

System Design

Would you like your sound system to sound better. Sometimes you don't need to buy anything to improve a sound system, and sometimes the thing to buy is not what thought you wanted.

David Muddiman's Electronics Engineering degree and his background in acoustics are extremely beneficial when designing or improving your sound system.

Many sound systems are poorly thought out. Grounding and gain problems are very common. Often equipment which exists could be assembled differently and improve results at minimal cost.

Planning to make upgrades? Consult with Staground first. There are many options available for any given situation. David Muddiman can be honest about the compete cost and benefits. Don't buy what a music store saleperson tells you is the cure-all device. Ask Dave Muddiman - he can put your money to work at the problem and get you an effective and affordable solution.

Sound System Optimization

Correcting for the reaction of loudspeakers in the acoustical environment. This includes system time alignment, room corrective equalization, and maximizing the system's performance. Few people are truely good at this task.

David Muddiman has taken this part of the live audio field very seriously. In 2002 David went to Berkeley California and was trained by system alignment expert Bob McCarthy who has aligned touring sound systems for many great artists such as Pavarotti, Rush, Joni Mitchell, Phish, The Grateful Dead, as well as many world class theatres in The US, Canada, Europe and Asia. Locally he has aligned the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia PA.

After a great deal of study, practice distinguished venues and music artists can benefit from David Muddiman's experience. This is an expensive service which will require time. Serious changes to speaker placement and sound system configuration may be required. Equipment needing repair may be discovered. Some equipment thought to be bad may be found to be okay. In addition some new equipment may be needed to accomplish, preserve and back-up the alignment.

All measurements are shared with the client.

Multi-Track Recording:
Note: Using Starground Equipment or consulting through a qualified associate
Live Concert Recording

Your concert can be recorded to multi-track digital. David Muddiman can also be the live engineer or he can interface with any live engineer's systems and talents. The results can be mixed by Dave or taken to most professional recording studios.

Mobile On-Location Recording

Now you can professionally record in your practice location. Many on-site events like presentations and weddings can be recorded to multiple tracks with all mixing and editing done later.

Compact Disc Production Support:
Simple solutions for a better disc. Staground does not copy or manufacture CDs
CD Audio Assembly

Starground can lay out the audio on your CD. Gaps, volume, track order, tone and pre-rolls and all be custom made for your project. The results can be copied (burned) or manufactured (replicated) by any professional media house.

CD Layout and Graphic Design

David Muddiman has an extensive background with computer support for graphics artists. With this knowledge he can make the graphics and the layout for your CD surface, booklet, and tray card. Photographs can be scanned, and digital pictures can be taken. While the world does have better graphics artists, you may find David Muddiman can be a good graphics designer who can create the finished product at a reasonable price.

Studio Services:
Note: Using Starground Equipment or consulting through a qualified associate
Digital Multi-Track Editing

Does your recording have a few flaws? Are there gaps, dead air, coughs, tone problems, or wrong notes? Today's digital editing is extremely powerful. David's strong background in computer software and programming can fix almost any problem.

Digital Remixing

Once multiple tracks are recorded and edited, the mix (or remix) of the tracks can be made and saved on computer. Any changes needed later can be easily made and saved. Mixes can be improved any time without needing to be completely redone.

Digital Remastering

Having mixed the multiple tracks to stereo, etc may not be enough.

Typically there are slight changes needed afterwards so that the tone and sonic approach to the music remains consistent throughout the album. Two songs may blend into each other, yet still need to be seperate songs on the disc. Sometimes songs need the introduction to start before the song's track start position.

Starground Audio is a sound company seriously dedicated to providing the best audio quality possible, through the best experience, training and premium quality equipment.
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