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Quality Concert and Recorded Audio. Newark Delaware

David Muddiman - Audio Engineer

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Orlando Florida March 9-12 2005
This was a great chance for David to meet many of the manufacturers in the audio industry. Most importantly, was a refresher course for Meyer Sim3 taught by Bob McCarthy and hosted by Meyer Sound Labs.
David Muddiman and Bob McCarthy in front of a Meyer SIM3 (silver face). Also noteworthy is the LD-3, and two CP-10. (Which will all be included in the Galileo loudspeaker processor to be released by Meyer Sound in June.)

Bob McCarthy's contributions to sound system design and alignment are legendary. It is an honor to be friends with and be taught by this true professional.

Kansas played the first night.
Kansas should have been better. The sound system was uneven (too bright in the front sides) and the light cues were off.

There were plenty of audio professionals who concurred with David's opinion. Also, it appeared the soundman did the best he could.

Day two and time to visit the floor. Here I ask Shure why Bang can't get enough volume from their earpieces. According to this display, their earpieces have the lowest output the company makes. Perhaps an upgrade is in order.
A fire sprinkler pipe burst during the event. Hundreds of gallons poured onto a few unlucky displays below. The building was so large it took hours before situation required the event to be cancelled.
The event was cut short, but complimentry tickets are still good for Glamnation at Universal Studios.
The lightshow was really good, wishing the same for the sound didn't make it so. It was too bright in the front. And too boomy with low-midrange build up in all sources but especially the lead vocal.

This was confirmed by an audio designer in the audience using a Hewlitt Packard PDA with RTA software. The system output had a pronounced 15 dB boost between 80 and 135 Hz unless the backing vocalist on stage left was singing.

It was Mardis Gras at Universal Studios.
Once again the lighting for Glamnation was good. The end of their show was really good.
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