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Quality Concert and Recorded Audio. Newark Delaware

David Muddiman - Audio Engineer

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David Muddiman becomes a member of Mysterytrain
January 2012 Altoona PA

David Muddiman is named a band member of Central PA's "Mysterytrain" as the group's Sound Engineer, responsible for advancing technical requests for events using his "Starground Audio" gear, and for being Mysterytrain's BE (Band Engineer) lead mix engineer for venues and festivals using local production.

The first project announced is a live recording to occur at the band's next indoor festival on the weekend of Feb 4th 2012. All stage inputs split three ways will be recorded to 32 tracks by Eric Melega who previously recorded 48 tracks of the live event "DeadFest" which David Muddiman mixed live and remixed the 48 tracks to stereo.

Each member of the group is spontaneous and artistic as well as introspective and goal oriented. Experiments have included running Meyer SIM3 on the bass amp and keyboard amp, in addition to the main system and the monitor system. Also band members not only allow David Muddiman to walk onstage and listen to the monitors, they have also let him perform each instrument on the stage with the other band members playing.

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Starground is reviewed in ProSound News Magazine
May 2010 Wilmington DE

Starground Concert Audio is reviewed by trade magazine "ProSound News" for it's sound for Delaware's Concert for Haiti in Wilmington Delaware.

Starground is Authorized Dealer of APB Dynasonics Consoles
April 2007 Newark DE

The sound of APB-Dynasonics consoles will soon be legendary. Featuring excellent EQs, a capacitorless signal path, a passive mix bus, a very low noise floor and active balanced outputs. Internal mixing signal path is DC to 500kHz - these are very professional consoles.

Starground now has 32 channel split snake with 32 ch FOH console with 8 VCAs, and 32 channels x 8 stereo mixes for monitors.

Recording Johnny Neel
March 2006 Newark DE

Local Delaware legend and Nashville Producer, Johnny Neel, was the special honor onstage with Lowercase Blues Band as they played Pale Dog Tavern. This concert was recorded to 16 track digital and was considered for release - it sounds quite good.

Meyer SIM Training
December 2005 Dallas TX

David attends Meyer sound's SIM 3 training one more time. To learn the nuances of the amazing acoustic measurement tool

This time with a SIM 3 machine.

2 Day Lecture by Don Pearson
November 2005 Baltimore MD

Don Pearson who co-founded UltraSound taught a training session for Meyer Sound. He had a lot of in-the-trenches fixes for bad sound situations based on his years on the road as the sound production company for the Grateful Dead touring with "The Wall of Sound" and the successor system - a highly arrayable design by Meyer Sound Labs.

NSCA Conference
March 2005 Orlando FL

David attends another Meyer training session taught by Bob McCarthy.

Presidential Innaguration
January 2005 Washington DC

David was one of many hired to work crew for the innaguration. This was all work an no politics. The work was planned to be about the same no matter which candidate won. The equipmement used was only the best.

LiQuid A Live a Kildare's West Chester
January 2005

A small club with a very loud band. And it work out just great.

Big T.O.E. at Pale Dog Tavern
December 2004

A rock concert in a medium-large venue.

Yes they actually played a song made out of 38 Led Zeppelin tunes.

Labory Day AFL-CIO Rally
with Governor Minner and Mayor Baker
Wilmington DE September 2004

A great outdoor event sponsored by the ALF-CIO and it's associated unions including the IASTE, the UAW, and IBEW.

This is the second time Governor Minner has spoken through a Starground System.

Big Band from the Valley
and the Launch of the new Meyer loudspeakers
August 2004 Exton PA

A wonderful day in the park with "The Big Band From The Valley" playing Glen Miller and Frank Sanatra numbers.

The first event to use the new Meyer UPA-1P compact loudspeakers

Uncle Ebinezer at the Schwartz Center
December 2003

Worked as theatrical sound engineer for a musical performance with both professional and local actors.

The first mixing job hired through IATSE.

The Carl Filipiak Group Recorded Live
Kennett Square Brewfest September 2003

Recorded direct to 16-track digital from a seperate mixing console.

A great instrumental fussion band. Original material is now online.

Starground Audio is Founded

David Muddiman returns from Philadephia after working in a recording studio. He directs his attention to live sound and begins his second audio company "Staground Audio."

Newark Sound Labs is Founded

David Muddiman begins his own recording studio to suppliment the live mixing he was doing through local sound companies.

This allowed him to mix more frequently and with a wider variety of artists.

David Muddiman's First Public Mix
September 1986

David Muddiman mixes reggae band "ONE" at Dougherty Hall on the University of Delaware campus. Sound system provider was Nirvana Sound and the System Engineer was Sid Root.


Fourier Transforms are Discovered

Jean Baptist Fourier discovers the principle known as the Fourier theorem.

This bridged a powerful mathematical understanding of the relationship between frequencies and relative phase as it relates to the speed of air and muliple source interference. Perhaps the most important development in the history of the sound sciences and transfer response theory,

Starground Audio is a sound company seriously dedicated to providing the best audio quality possible, through the best experience, training and premium quality equipment.

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