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Starground Audio of Newark Delaware is an official factory authorized dealer of APB-Dynasonics consoles made it Totowa New Jersey.

These consoles are innovative designs of passive (capacitor-less) signal path consoles

Capacitors and active electronics are used for the EQ effecting the resistive signal path and they are only mylar surfacemount designed for digital circuits. "Analog in a post-digital world"

These are brilliantly conceived consoles. Nearly no transistors or capacitors in the signal path.

Left to Right are:
Taz (Mr B) Equalization VCAs
Dave Muddiman
Chuck (Mr A) Design/Admin
John (Mr P) Signal Design

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The Spectra concentrates on VCAs rather than groups mixes or matrixes. They include a modest matrix and are essentially "group-less", but also have buttons for when the case arises.

Group mixes are often used the wrong way. VCAs will control all buses together (stereo, center, mono, all auxes, all matrixes)

The introduction of the Spectra T, APBs first model, was the inspiration for Staground Audio's move in 2007 to APB as the supplier for all future consoles.

The ProRack series is the two best rackmount mixers in the world.

A tall statement, but hours of measurement time comparing the APB consoles with other brands of rackmount mixers with Meyer SIM3 backs this up.

In fact the Spectra and the Rack series have the same dynamic range, frequency response, noisefloor, and phase response.

The power supply for APB consoles is revolutionary.

Green power in a post-digital world.

An "intelligent" power supply (120 volts only)

The ProRack series uses one, the Spectra series only needs one, but uses two.

Click Image to Expand.

The "ProRack House."

Click Image to expand.

The "ProRack Monitor."

Starground Concert Audio currently uses two of these consoles.

They are great, they can do a lot more than just mixing monitors.

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The ProRack Monitor from the side.

Click Image To Expand..

Tthe ProRack Monitor's rear panel.

Click Image To Expand.

[Click Here] to see the insides.

This picture is from Jan 2008.

It shows monitor mix position set up sidestage including two APB ProRack Monitor consoles at a concert by Starground Concert Audio.

The APB-Dynasonics Spectra T console.
The Spectra T32.

Click Image to expand.

The Spectra T32 rear panel.

Click Image to Expand.

An angled shot of the Spectra T52. Up to 64 channels are available.
The Spectra T32 owned by Starground Concert Audio.

Set up at "Union St Bankshots" in Spring of 2008.

The Spectra T32 owned by Starground Concert Audio.

Set up at "Union St Bankshots" in Spring of 2008.

APB also make a "ProDesk" series.

Similar to the Spectra series but without VCAs.

Click image to expand.

Contact David Muddiman of Starground Concert Audio for consultaion and factory-authorized purchase of any APB-Dynasonics Console

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