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Quality Concert and Recorded Audio. Newark Delaware

David Muddiman - Audio Engineer

302-239-7278 Home
302-593-2621 Cell

Sounds on the Internet:
All links below are to original songs mixed and engineered by David Muddiman.

An audible resume for the purpose of demonstrating the progression of his talents.

Mysterytrain Live (bootleg style)

Dan Klock - Guitar, Vocals
Scott Myer - Bass
Jacob Haqq-Misra - Percussion, Vocals
Chuck Bailey: Drums

Not present for this show
Gina Riggio: Keyboard, Vocals

A live recording of a show engineered by David Muddiman and Jason Civiello of Starground Audio.

Listen to the live recording at

DaveStock - 25 Years of Music

Timmy D and the Marvelous Three
Crabmeat Thompson & the Luck Dogs (with Dale Dallabrida)
Zane Campbell, Gary Irving, and the Gravel Pit Ramblers
Stucco Lobster Breadbox (comedy with toy instruments)
Black Wax
Jason Stowell with Diatribe's DJ Exotic D.
JC and the Resistance w/John Rupp from Dave's 1st sound gig
Muddiman, Marshall, and Roberts

Live Multi-Track Recording by Eric Melega. Remixed by David Muddiman.

Recorded live to 24 bit, 24 track digital. Mixed and processed on the Mac G4 Digital Performer workstation.

Listen to the live recording at

Carl Filipaik Group Live

Listen to the live recording at

Gary Grainger - who's played bass with John Scofield.
John Thomakos - a professional drummer, teacher, and Mel Bay writer.
Paul Soroka - on keyboards, saxaphone and lyricon.

A live recording engineered by David Muddiman of Starground Audio and produced by Bob Merlini.

Recorded live to high-resolution 16 track digital. Mixed and processed on the Mac G4 Digital Performer workstation.


A Mobile Recording Project with over 100 songs and 18 musicians.

Music online at

Future events are being planned by Gary Irving.

Look here for latest news.

SkidFest - Newark Music Festival

A bi-annual music festival featuring Newark's best bands.

Most Songs
Longest Songs http//

Pictures are | Here | .

The Nazarites

A really good all original reggae band.

David Muddiman was Audio Engineer for nearly every concert.

The Original Nazarites with Eric Harris
Reformed Nazarites with Singer/Drummer Milo

Lou Albino

A surfer-punk band from Bethany Beach.

This was the first recording by David Muddiman which he produced as well as engineered.


With David Muddiman on guitar, vintage electronics technician Nick Green on Bass, and Newark's amazing Paul Weik (of the Lower Case Blues Band) on Drums.

This That & the Other

An original and cover rock band featuring David Muddiman on Guitar and vocals, Ed Marshall on Bass and Vocals, and Frank Langrell on Drums and Vocals.

Old Site at
New Site at

The band recorded several albums and played many of David Muddiman's original songs. The band also wrote several songs together, the best being " Too Drunk to Play the Guitar" which included one not to miss guitar solo.

MIC - Muddiman, Irving, and Cole

Dave's project with local bass legend Gary Irving.

This was one of Gary's first bands. See also Weekend@Irving's listed above.

David Muddiman - Solo

Just a few of his compositions.

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