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Quality Concert and Recorded Audio. Newark Delaware

David Muddiman - Audio Engineer

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The Lowercase Blues Band
With Johnny Neel

Pale Dog Tavern, Newark DE, March 15th 2006

Legendary Nashville Producer and Delaware native, Johnny Neel was the honored guest perfroming onstage with The Lowercase Blues Band. Dave Muddiman mixed the show on his standard sound system of 2006 based on Meyer Sound Labs speakers. 16 tracks were recorded directly from the monitor board's pre amps. This recording was planned to be released, however Johnny Neel has been producing studio albums of the "Lowercase Blues" trio which have progressed the band to a new level of development.
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Lowercase Blues on
David Muddiman - Live/Recording Engineer
Another concert recording done at Pale Dog
All Four Musicians:

Jake Banaszak
B.J. Muntz
Paul Weik
Johnny Neel

(left to right)

The live show's audience area mixing position (FOH).

20+4 inputs, 6 compressors, 4 Gates, 4 stereo effects
8 output zones with seperate gain, eq, delay and filter control

There was also a Monitor board side stage which created 6 monitor mixes from hard-wire splits of each microphone.

David Muddiman redesigned this mixing board to output the preamp-only signal directly into the Analog-To-Digital converters and then into the Mac G4 running MOTU Digital Performer.

Here he is.

The man everyone came to see.

Jake on Guitar

He blew us all away.

BJ during his "Mojo" bass solo.
Paul finds a feel during his drum solo.
This guy was out of this world.

He did all the work.
He got the job done.

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