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Starground Audio
Quality Concert and Recorded Audio. Newark Delaware

David Muddiman
Audio Engineer

302-239-7278 Home
302-593-2621 Cell

David Muddiman mixes OctoberFest Newark DE

State Governor Minner speaks through the Starground System - Again

BigTOE rocks 38 LedZep Tunes in 4 Minutes!

David Muddiman is Audio Engineer for a professional musical in a beautiul theatre

Producer Bob Merlini chooses Starground Audio to record the Carl Filipiak Group Live

A Macintosh G4
for all Post-Production

The Amazing Meyer 650-R2 Sub-Woofer

The Crest 7001 Touring Amplifier

Now beginning union affiliation.

Custom Rebuilt Main and Monitor Consoles are Smaller and Better for Recording.

System Acoutics Prediction

Audio Engineering Services:
Live Sound Engineering
Concerts, Festivals, Theatres, and Special Events

Multi-Track Recording
On location, Mobile Recording, Live Concerts

Studio Services
Digital Editing, Remixing, Remastering

Compact Disc Production
CD Audio Production (gaps, final mastering, etc), Layout & Graphic Design

Professional Consulting
Acoustic Prediction, System Design and Alignment

Electronics Engineering Degree
Delaware Technical and Community College.

Systems Acoustics and Alignment Measurement
Meyer SIM Graduate, Berkeley CA.
Dec 2002, top of the class. (99% final exam)
Trained to use the Meyer SIM measurement device in accordance with Meyer Sound Lab's methods and standards.

Event Totals
Over 2000 Concerts
Over 100 Recording Sessions

Partial List
Some events detailed at

Sound on the Web:
Carl Filipaik Group Live
Featuring Gary Grainger (who's played bass with John Scofield ), the amazing John Thomakos on Drums, and the talented Paul Soroka on keyboards, saxaphone and lyricon. A live recording engineered by David Muddiman of Starground Audio and produced by Bob Merlini. Recorded live to high-resolution 16 track digital. Mixed and processed on the Mac G4 Digital Performer workstation.

A Mobile Recording Project with over 100 songs and 18 musicians. Future events are being planned by Gary Irving here.

SkidFest - Newark Music Festival
A bi-annual music festival featuring Newark's best bands.
Pictures are | Here |.

The Nazarites
A really good all original reggae band.
David Muddiman was Audio Engineer for nearly every concert.

Lou Albino
A surfer-punk band from Bethany Beach.
This was the first recording by David Muddiman which he produced as well as engineered.

With David Muddiman on guitar, vintage electronics technician Nick Green on Bass, and Newark's amazing Paul Weik (of the Lower Case Blues Band) on Drums.

This That & the Other
An original and cover rock band featuring David Muddiman on Guitar and vocals, Ed Marshall on Bass and Vocals, and Frank Langrell on Drums and Vocals.
The band recorded several albums and played many of David Muddiman's original songs. The band also wrote several songs together, the best being " Too Drunk to Play the Guitar " which included one not to miss guitar solo.

MIC - Muddiman, Irving, and Cole
Dave's project with local bass legend Gary Irving.
This was one of Gary's first bands. See also Weekend@Irving's listed above.

David Muddiman - Solo
Just a few of his compositions.

Starground Audio is a sound company seriously dedicated to providing the best audio quality possible, through the best experience, training and premium quality equipment.

Starground Audio 2005 - - - - - - - - - - - - -> Check out the new starground website now completed.