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Some general pictures and posters for the event in 2009.

2010 was much larger - about 5000 people.

The show in 2011 is Oct 15th and could be a bigger success yet.

The event site is surveyed using satellite imagery to obtain all dimensions relative to a any measured distance onsite. The site is visited and dimensions are measured and all areas are photographed ...
The stages are estimated and speakers are placed in 3 Dimensional CAD. This way, the event can be visualized before setting up the event.
The stages are observed from many angles to plan sight lines and speaker angles
The event was originally going to rent a professional power generator for events, but I determined we could use this old power panel and a ultility outlet box outside the building with the help of a volunteer electrician who added an extra dual breaker.

My system designs consume less power than most other systems of same sound output, so I was able to save the event many hundreds of dollars.

All cables have been measured to fit, the acoustics work in simulations, and it looks like the design is ready.
Both stages are ready by 9AM. Using Meyer SIM3 the system was carefully tuned for the best frequency, phase and impulse response obtained to date. (as of May 2010)
Each stage is soundchecked by 10AM. One band was later than told to arrive and their stage was soundchecked without them. The other band was early and had a nice backdrop and a thorough soundcheck.
Soundcheck is completed on schedule. Ready or not, here comes the show.
We had a Paul Reed Smith signed guitar for auction


and real ponies and a petting zoo.

The first band finally arrives. Fortunately I had a copy of my email requested them to arrive at 9am sharp. Here I am mixing the second band. "Korupt." Shown onstage is Sweet Leda singing with the Guthry Matthews Band
Dave Frie (black cap) and Mars Hall were two of the event's audio enthusiasts who recorded the show from a speperate stereo mix that followed the mains, they looked over my shoulder, they watched with glee, and declared "Now, this is a console" (Quote and photos from Island Bay Day website)
"Prozakistan" finishes their comedic set. The jokes are over. Ready or not, here comes the rain. Guthery Matthews Band performs in the rain, as do all acts for the second half of the festival.
Shown are two more bands playing on the main stage. Rain dripping off roofs and onto gear was a major problem. We did some careful tarping, and a volunteer created a wonderful gutter system made from garbage bags which worked all night - looks almost dry here.
But it is not dry as this man can attest. The show contained several downpours.
Mixing in the rain. I got used to it, but there's never a moment's rest. You must always be looking for gear getting wet, be concerned for people, mist in the winds, must always be ready to turn off.
What an amazing show. Hard work too.

Got a good quote out of it when I asked if I'd be doing the next show on October 9th 2010

"Of course we're having you back, are you kidding? 14 non-stop bands in the rain ... and you NAILED it!"
Richard Fisher, Island Bay Day

October 2010 advance poster.

2010 was a much improved show. More subwoofer power, more drum monitors, more EQs, compressors, gates, effects. And a bigger stage. And 5000 people.

2011 promises to be even greater.

Starground Audio 2011