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Quality Concert and Recorded Audio. Newark Delaware

David Muddiman - Audio Engineer

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Education and Experience:
For more experience see AudioEngineer.Com.
Note: Experience is listed at the bottom of this page
Dave Muddiman with Buford Jones Meyer Sound - Mixing Workshop
Washington DC February 2010 and Swarthmore College PA November 2010

Buford mixed live tours of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Bowie, Lynnard Skynard, Faith Hill, and many many others most notably Pink Floyd.

He shared many simple ideas that turn out to be very important when making a show sound it's very best.

1 Keep your hands on the mix, you can make the show better if you use the hands wisely.
2 Do not over compress, or have compressors operating too fast.
3 Do not over gate, or have a gates operating too fast.
4 A modest stereo mix will sound more interesting than a mono, or hard panned mix.
5 Sub-woofers will benefit from a separate "sub-Stem" mix with no vocals, snare, etc going to subs.

The next show after the workshop was amazing. Buford's ideas definitely made a dramatic improvement.

Meyer Sound - System Troubleshooting and Design
Baltimore MD November 2005.

Don Pearson founded Ultra-Sound. The best sounding sound company.

He shared his many technics to successfully make sound systems operate the best possible under time constrants and other obstacles.

He also demontrated cardiod sub-woofers which Starground can now offer for select situations.

Don toured with the Grateful Dead using their "The Wall of Sound" system and the Meyer Sound system which later followed and he helped build.

Unfortunately Don Pearson passed away some 8 weeks later. His picture links to a site with good wishes from the many friends he made over the years as the Owner of UltraSound - empassioned to make concerts sound "perfect".

Meyer SIM / Sound System alignment
Completed 2002, top of the class. Sim 3 Update March 9th 2005, November 2005, December 2005.

Studied sound measurement techniques and their close association with sound system design. Sound system design for theatres, arenas, and small venues was also covered.

Teacher Bob McCarthy is considered by many to be the leading authority on designing Meyer sound systems. He has an extensive background in design and measurement of broadway and touring audio systems.

He also wrote the book "Meyer Sound Design Reference for Sound Reinforcement"

Learn about Dave's SIM3 machine | HERE |

Delaware Technical & Community College
Electronics Engineering Degree
Graduated 1996

Studied Electronics, computer programming, microprocessors and machine code.

Also worked in the computer lab supporting students, faculty, and the school's in-house graphics artists.

University Of Delaware
3 years of college

Studied music composition, computer programming, math and music history.

Also worked at the Bachaus Theatre learning sound and lights.

Left the college to go on tour with "Badfinger".

Tatnall School
Graduated 1983
College Prep Highschool

This was a wonderful school. Excellent courses in language, drama, computer science , electronics, math and physics.

Also worked with fellow students to create several concerts in the gym and theatre.

Additional Audio experience listed at AudioEngineer.Com.
Started 2001. Full member since March 2005.

Working for major concert and broadway tours

It is a great experience to learn from the most professional in the industry.

Learn more about David's IATSE history.

91.3 FM WXDR Newark
1994-1996 (Now renamed to WVUD)

Started a local music program with its own staff.

Added Starground equipement to the station's performance room and broadcast performances mixed live from Studio Two.

Recording Engineer - Preverbe Studios
Philadelphia PA 1990-1993

Worked with producer Rob Walton to record local and touring reggae and calypso bands at the studio's 16-track reel-to-reel and digital sampling studio.

Improved studio wiring, designed upgrades and interfaceed with artists, writers, and radio personalities.

Recorded demos, albums, radio jingles and public service announcements. A highlight was mixing a rehersal of "The Rythm Aces" which was the new name for Peter Tosh's band after his death.

Starground Audio is a sound company seriously dedicated to providing the best audio quality possible, through the best experience, training and premium quality equipment.

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